Customer & Contact Management

Otherwise known as CRM or Customer Relationship Management, you can use Vendirun to manage your contacts, stay in touch with them, and segment them based on behaviour.

Keep track of communication with your customers - know what has been said and when, so you can always provide top notch and personalised customer service.

Users can send from multiple email addresses or from the company default.

Really customise your CRM interface by selecting background and text colours for your tags, statuses and categories.

Generate call lists via the advanced search, quickly click through the list and update contacts. Ideal for a telesales operation.

The convenient contact import system is ideal for preparing your contacts in one easy step and is invaluable for updating client records, directly from a CSV file.

Quick add contacts and organisations from the dashboard. Get instant access to your client records with our built in export function. Working in conjunction with the import function you can update and segment large amounts of data very quickly.

The order history and completed forms logs give instant access to client history. Track customer behaviour in real time with customer current cart and wishlist.

Enable maximum flexibility in email marketing campaigns - set tags, create statuses and assign a member of your team to any given contact.

Each team member can decide which data displays in the data grid ensuring everyone has quick access to the information they need to perform their task.

Associate contacts to organisations and quickly access other contacts in the organisation with interactive links.

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