Website Content Management System

Control your website from Vendirun and manage everything. Not just your images and text, but also layout, positioning and a multitude of widgets give you unparalleled flexibility.

Control the content of your website from our easy-to-us drag and drop editor.

Use special Vendirun widgets to add awesome functionality without needing to pay for development work every time you want to make changes.

Create your own Slider or Hero images with our very flexible and powerful tool. Embed it in seconds on your site as a widget on any page, in any position.

The comprehensive CMS system not only provides fields for SEO purposes but also allows you to regulate access to specific pages based on the tags you set for the users of your site.

Hook your website to the content API, allowing our CMS to be easily integrated into your existing website or a brand new one.

Use our open source tools to connect your website to Vendirun, or have a fully integrated custom design built by one of our partners.

Do you want to see the Software working?