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Vendirun is designed for consultants and tradespeople to manage their customer base, ordering, invoicing and appointments.

John uses Vendirun to manage his ever growing list of contacts. His job relies upon maintaining relationships with regular customers, as well as responding quickly and efficiently to new enquiries that come in via his Vendirun enabled website, by telephone or by email.

Vendirun contains a complete history of all his contact with each and every customer, allowing him to quickly reference past conversations, sales records, emails and notes. This enables John to really be on the ball when his contacts get in touch.

John handles all of his invoicing through Vendirun, giving him the ability to create customised invoices for each job, and allowing his customers to download their invoice and pay either online or via BACS quickly and easily.

John rarely has spare time in his schedule these days, but when he does have a gap coming up, he can quickly fill it by firing off a Vendirun marketing email to a select group of regular customers, and then following up with a phone call to those who engaged with the email directly.

"Vendirun takes all the pain out of managing my time and my customers. I work with a huge number of different clients, but being able to pull up their details and past sales history in just a few key presses really helps me give top-notch customer service to every single one of them."

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