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A Recruitment Agency

This recruitment agency uses Vendirun to manage their every growing list of candidates and business contacts, as well as to keep track of appointments, meetings and candidate history.

Joseph & Zak run a new & growing recruitment agency. Having taken on 2 junior members of staff, their business swiftly outgrew coping with Excel Spreadsheets & post it notes and a wall calendar.

They turned to Vendirun initially just to improve how they managed their call lists to prospective customers, and book appointments in a shared Calendar so they knew where each other would be.

Using the Cloud Files module Joseph was able to store and automate the sending out of their T&Cs to their candidates, along with Terms of Business to new clients. Having a folder for each client means J&Z can both remain compliant, and cut down the admin time in sending & storing their clients Job Vacancy details.

Zak created template questionnaires & forms which were automatically sent to candidates, these included:

  • Initial Screening
  • Vacancy specific screening
  • 1st & 2nd Interview Feedback
  • Candidate satisfaction surveys

J&Z’s interact with their website directly through Vendirun, updating their latest Vacancies & blog posts in real-time.

Joseph needs to spend as much time as possible having sales conversations, so he generates his call list of ‘prospective customers’ through Vendirun, and updates their contact card whilst on the phone to them, saving him at least 60 seconds per sales call.

Joseph makes ~50 sales calls per day, to secure 1 person a new permanent position each week at an average fee of £2500.

Joseph saves 6 hours per week (3.5 days per month) using our call list feature, which directly translates into an extra placement per 6 weeks, or £1800 per month.

"The return on investment from Vendirun has been absolutely astounding. We have absolutely come to rely on it for our business."

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