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Vendirun allows this manufacturing company to manage their products, sales, stock and marketing as well as their website from a single platform.

Ever since YK7 Components migrated their business onto the Vendirun platform every day has been less stressful. The fact that they have managed to reduce the number of software packages from 5 to 1 has massively reduced the admin strain, costs and really simplified their day to day operations. Not to mention training new colleagues is now far easier given the user friendliness of Vendirun.

One of the major obstacles they faced previously was how to separate wholesale and retail pricing on their website so that they could have different pricing for B2B and B2C sales. The permission enabled web-pages were a simple but ideal solution to this issue and easily changeable via the content management system which also supports their multilingual website.

Arguably their favourite bit of functionality is the drop-shipping system, an incredible admin saving resource as they now don't need to manually generate or send purchase orders. They use purchase order consolidation for some suppliers to batch items from multiple orders into a single shipment. 

"Previously our sales team from around the world would call the head office and place their orders over the phone, now they simply submit them via the website."

In addition to managing quotes, invoicing and shipment information, being able to quickly email all related paperwork from pro-forma invoice to a delivery note directly via the CRM with a click of a button has really streamlined their operations.

Keeping their clients up to date on their order is extremely important for them, the fact that their customers can now log into a personal account on their website and get real time information about their order has decreased the number of support calls by half. When orders come in over the phone, the customer can log into their account to download their invoice and make payment.

The marketing department are using the automated marketing system not only for promotional purposes but also for project management and internal company updates by creating pipelines specifically for team members.

It was important for YK7 to make the transition to the new platform as smooth and hassle free as possible, something we accomplished by bringing in additional modules bit by bit and customising Vendirun to fit with their business needs.

"After listening to our needs the Vendirun team delivered some bespoke solutions for our business including some fantastic reports for project management."

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