A Local Flower Shop

Vendirun powers the business of this local local shop owner, allowing her to deliver more orders, more efficiently.

Katy travels 10 miles to the flower market and back every morning, to purchase the flowers she needs so she can fulfill the online orders she gets through her Vendirun powered online shop. The Vendirun system keeps track of what stock she has remaining as well as what she needs to make up the orders from the day before so she can print out a list to take with her.

Once the orders are prepared, she can add them to the delivery van and flag them in Vendirun as on their way, which will automatically supply the customer with a tracking number by email and/or by SMS, to let them know the bouquet is on its way.

Every week, Katy likes to put together a special bouquet just for her loyal customers. She selects the best blooms depending on season, and sends out a broadcast email to her local customers to let them know they can use a special discount code on her Vendirun enabled website to order the week's special delivery for the following day.

Katy's flower arranging courses are quickly booked up through the Vendirun Booking System following the Email Marketing campaigns that she sends out.

"Vendirun has made my life so much easier. I can move more flowers, faster and more efficiently than ever before. I'm not technically minded at all, so I have no idea how they have made it so easy to use!"

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